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DASH is a walking tour.  What makes DASH different is that there are no tour guides or plaques to read at each tour stop.  Instead there is a small decal in the window of each building with a QR code on the decal.  You will scan the QR code with your cell phone or other mobile device, and a screen will open up with all of the information for that location!  Text, historic photographs, interviews, and video will all be available from your smartphone.  You can go at your own pace of discovery while having fun (and learning)!


Here is what a QR code looks like:

How DASH works

(go ahead and scan it...see where it takes you)

QR code readers can be downloaded for free on all mobile devices.  CLICK HERE for Apple devices and CLICK HERE for Android devices.

This is a quick video that gives the basics of scanning a QR code.

Click above to enlarge the DASH map 

Click above to enlarge the back of the DASH map and instructions

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