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Dickson County Courthouse - Dickson


  • After a heated battle on whether to move the courthouse from Charlotte to Dickson, an election was held on September 1, 1898.  The vote was 1495 for and 714 against moving the courthouse, 67 votes more than the two-thirds majority necessary to make the move. The state legislature worked out a compromise, with a courthouse in both Dickson and Charlotte. Anyone arrested north of Jones Creek was taken to the Dickson County Courthouse in Charlotte; south of Jones Creek, to the Dickson County Courthouse in Dickson. 


  • On December 10, 1925, the courthouse (pictured above) in Dickson was condemned by a state-hired engineer. The December term of the circuit court was held at the second floor of the Masonic building (later known as Ragan’s Friendly Neighbor Store) because officials feared the top floor of the courthouse might fall through with the large crowd expected to attend the trials.


  • In April 1926, the Dickson County Quarterly Court voted 29 to 6 against the funding for a new courthouse in Dickson.


  • In February 1927, It was agreed that the old courthouse grounds be sold for a city park and playground. Proceeds from the sale in April of 1927 were to create the playground and park, but they were never built. Instead, the property was used for the War Memorial Building.


  • July 9, 1928, work crews began demolishing the old courthouse in Dickson. Timbers from the courthouse were used in additions to Oakmont School. 


  • On July 2, 1929, the alderman voted to deed the old Dickson courthouse property to the Memorial Building Commission. In February of 1931, House of Representatives abolished the Town of Dickson’s circuit court.


Photo and text provided by Alan Ragan


Dickson Courthouse, built in 1899

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