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Citizens National Bank


  • The Citizens National Bank was founded in Dickson in 1906, located at this site where later the Bank of Dickson began. The original capital stock of the Citizens Bank was $50,000.


  • In 1926 the bank built a modern two-story brick building here on the corner of North Main and Railroad Streets, with the lower floor serving as the main office and the upstairs rented as office space. 


  • Citizens National closed when the U.S. President ordered all banks closed in March 1933.  Later in 1933 Citizens National Bank made an unsuccessful attempt to reorganize and re-open.


  • The Electric Department used the building until November 1953 when an announcement was made by the FDIC and the Department of Banking in Tennessee that the new Bank of Dickson has been approved.  The bank was to be located in the old Citizens Bank building. 


  • May 28, 1954 - The Bank of Dickson opens for business.  Over 3,000 people attended the opening.  The Bank of Dickson is located in the same building built in 1926 by the Citizens Bank.  The new Bank of Dickson opened 38 years to the day after the announcement by the Citizens Bank of plans to build the new building.


Aerial photo circa 1948 of downtown Dickson. The photo is credited to John Morgan, courtesy of The Nashville Banner. This one shows Main Street looking north, with Myatt Drug Store on the left and The Citizens National Bank on the right, which looks very much like it does today as The Bank of Dickson.


Provided by Chad Bradford

Main Street Looking North, 1920's or 1930's. Provided by Chad Bradford

Looking North on Main Street - 1909.  The Citizens National Bank is on the right.

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