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First National Bank


The First National Bank of Dickson was chartered on August 19, 1903, with capital of $25,000.00 and 23 subscribers. The idea had begun earlier that year when J. A. “Ab” Myatt and Pitt Henslee sat on a bench under a peach tree in the garden behind the Myatt Drug Store and drew up the plans. 


The first directors, in addition to Henslee and Myatt, were C. M. Turner, J. G. Henslee, J. C. Foster, L. M. Sensing, J. R. McClelland, J. A. Turner, John T. Overby, F. O. Watts, E. H. Stone, H. B. Horner, S. E. Hunt, W. H. Greer, and S. G. Holland. First located on Main Street, the first officers were Pitt Henslee, President; C. M. Turner, Vice President; S. E. Hunt, Cashier and C. D. Hall, Assistant Cashier.


In 1912 S. E. Hunt resigned as cashier for the bank and was succeeded by Horace H. Self, only 23 years old but an experienced employee. Dan E. Beasley served as president for a long period of time, and former cashier E. H. Meeks was also president for a short period.


In 1920, the bank outgrew its quarters and purchased the grocery next door, which was remodeled into a two-story building with an impressive columned front of Indiana cut stone and an inside balcony, topped with a carved wooden American eagle; all are intact today. The building is now used as county government offices. 


Photo and text provided by Alan Ragan

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